Welcome to Galloway!

There is no denying we are blessed with some the most beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer. On this page you will find different areas of Galloway that you can explore during your stay.

Ben John

Ben John provides any amateur hill walker with a good day out! A relatively short hill climb in comparison to others but the view at the top will not disappoint! Head into Gatehouse for a well deserved tea and scone at The Galloway Lodge

Red Squirrels

Take a trip to Barhill Wood and spot the squirrels!

75% of the UK's red squirrel population can be found in Scotland. Barhill Wood aims to preserve and improve the habitat for our Red Squirrels. Here you can find a viewing hut nestled in the woods where many young squirrels can be found scurrying around and enjoying some nuts.

Carrick Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches/ shore line in Galloway has to be Carrick. With it's rocky and unexplored bays it's the perfect spot for a sunset picnic. Looking out to Ardwall Island (which can be walked out to at low tide) this place is undeniably romantic.

Head up to Knockbrex viewpoint to get an even better view over the coast. Don't forget your camera either as the views from here are stunning. And if you're lucky (and quiet) you could spot a deer or two!

Think Carrick could be your ideal holiday destination? Well good news Owl Cote Cottage and The Bird's Nest are located there! Less than a 2 minute walk till the sandy beach touches your toes from the doorstep of your accommodation - bliss!

Rutherford Monument

A fantastic walk around Gatehouse of Fleet filled with ancient history!

A piece of ancient history you are sure to remember is the Pictish stones (Pictured left) that can be found on your way up Trusty's Hill. It is rare to find Pictish carvings so far from the main homeland of the Picts in northeast Scotland.

Rutherford monument commemorates a minister from Anwoth who later became Professor of Divinity at St Andrews University; it commands a superb view of the Fleet Estuary. Nearby a second monument is more modern, commemorating all the ministers who followed, but you will have to go up there to see fo yourself!

Galloway Cycling Holidays

Galloway Cycling Holidays

We guide you through beautiful landscapes using the quietest roads and tracks. your days are planned just for you, your pace and the distance you are happy to ride.

want to stay in one place, then you may want to opt for a series of rides from our Kirkcudbright hub. every day you pick from a series of 10, 20, 30, 40 or more mile routes. Our 2 hub castles and coastal holidays is also very popular and again you pick your daily rides.

We also have touring routes, for those who want to ride from a to b and on to c then along the coast or up in the Galloway highlands or a bit of both.

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