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Annual Riding of the Marches Ceremonies. July 15th 2016

The Annual Riding of the Marches takes place in Kirkcudbright near the end of July every year, when the boundaries of the old Royal Burgh are marked out as tradition requires.

In the year 1485 Kirkcudbright was given Royal Burgh status by virtue of a Charter granted by King James II. The King granted the lands of Over & Nether Borelands, Millflats, Milnburn, Creekpark, Hughans, Calfward and Castlemains to the townspeople of the Burgh.

A messenger from the King, known as the Pursuivant, was dispatched under escort to Kirkcudbright, carrying with him the Charter and Seal which would make Kirkcudbright a Royal Burgh. As he neared the town a Courier was sent forward to warn of his imminent arrival. The Cornet, a Cavalry Officer of the day, was sent out to meet the Pursuivant, and together they rode round the Boundaries referred to in the Charter.

This act is recreated annually by Kirkcudbright Cornets Club, through their spectacular ceremony of the Riding of the Marches.

Riding of the marchesRiding of the marchesRiding of the marches

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